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Hydraulic-Rubber-Hosepipe  Nipple-Set
Hydraulic Rubber Hoses:
  • Seamless inner tubes of oil resistant synthetic rubber, high tensile steel wire braided with oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber cover.
  • Absolute leak proof hose fittings for strength and durability.
Male-Female Valve:
  • Allows easy flow of fluid in operation. Absolute leak proof at the time of disconnection due to perfect ball seats. Proper hardness of springs & balls for longer life.
  • And all other accessories/parts like Benjo Bolt, Benjo Tee, Small & Big Nipples etc. are made out of good quality of materials and tested for its best performance.
Fitting Diagram
Hydraulic Jack Accessories Fitting Diagram
  1. 1/2 mtr. Hose Pipe
  2. Steel Pipe for Tailer
  3. 1 mtr. Hose Pipe
  4. Male Female Coupling
  5. Steel Pipe For Tractor
  6. Benjo Bolt with Copper Washers
  7. Big Nipple
  8. Benjo Tee
  9. Small Nipple